Treating Muscle Imbalances Related To Pain And Injury

What is MAT? 

A revolutionary, non-medical process of identifying and treating muscle imbalances, Muscle ActivationTechniques™ is a unique goal-oriented approach towards increasing strength and stability of skeletal muscle tissue.

Strength in this context is muscular contractile ability.

Stability in this context is muscular control throughout a joint's full range of motion.

Based on principles of biomechanics and physiology, MAT operates on a premise that muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness and, therefore, considers muscle tightness and pain to be symptoms of an underlying cause.

The MAT process scans the body for areas of diminished neuromuscular communication and treats the tissues that currently display dysfunction.

By addressing muscle weakness at the source, MAT improves muscle function, increases range of motion, significantly reduces or eliminates pain, and speeds recovery.

In doing so, MAT distinguishes itself as a neuromuscular assessment and treatment tool which identifies the causes of pain and discomfort rather than focusing on the symptoms.

Generally thought of as a suitable adjunct to any muscular activity, MAT is the missing link in the fitness and rehabilitation communities.


Some of Tom's clients discuss their results here.




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